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Large and complex furniture projects require a high degree of planning, design flexibility, and fast execution in an efficient manner that does not allow for any delays. At Forum Furniture we have the experience, capacity and resources to handle large multi-million dollar projects under strict and extremely short deadlines, whether for governmental or non-governmental organizations, contractors, international institutions, educational institutions, or large businesses.

Forum Furniture has the ability to execute both steel and wood products. The factory also has an upholstery facility for its chairs and partitions providing various color and design options, and has the capacity for mass production based on the clients needs. By combining technological competence with a cost competitive and flexible organization for the execution of multidisciplinary furniture projects, Forum Furniture has been able to successfully deliver thousands of units of furniture within very short periods of time, each time meeting very tight deadlines.

Based on the client’s needs, Forum Furniture designers can transform the customers specifications into computer designs tailored for mass production in a timely fashion. The designs can then be produced overnight into furniture samples to be delivered to the client for their review and approval.

This process has been done numerous times assuring the client of our credibility and insuring that Forum Furniture remains a reliable partner for such large projects; a clear indication of this is the repeat orders from our different clients time and time again.
With Forum Furniture you can be confident your project is in good hands.