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Basic desk
Desk with front panel
Desk with side and front panel


Secretary's Office  

Designed to enhance the product's durability and beauty, the metal tube skeleton incorporated in this line comes with curved edges and adjustable glides. The innovative way in which the wood fronts and laterals of the desk are mounted on the metal skeleton prevents the wood from exposure to any damaging stress. The metal frame is also a basic structure with which desks can be connected to each other.


Inside counter
Top counter joint



The versatility, flexibility and modularity of this line is remarkable. For instance, by using corner links, joints laterals and counter tops, desks are easily converted into counters and reception areas.


  Manager's office


Adjustable feet
Desk height adjustment to the level of mental
Desk height adjustment lower than the level of metal

The original line is modular office system that offers specialized solutions for desk, counters, meeting tables, cabinets and filing systems.

This line is made out of either laminated wood with round edges and metal tubes, or natural oak veneer with solid oak wood edges and metal tubes. The metal tubes are chemically treated against corrosion and electrostatically power- coated.


Joint sides

Joining a set of tables together can create instant meeting and conference tables. At the same time, any future changes and additions are possible and affordable.