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Shelf Partition



Desk Partition

Low partition systems provide the power of space management and utilization. They offer unlimited possibilities in the creation workstations suitable for productive and comfortable work. Workstation partitions maximize work surface area and storage space per square meter.


Venation blinds

Ceiling springs ensure perfect fit and stability

Ceiling Partitions


Forum Ceiling partitions are ideal for creating a privet room. Flexible and mobile in comparison to Gypsum boards, these partitions are made from the same durable fabric, veneer or laminated finishes that are used in all our office furniture lines.

Thickly padded on the inside to ensure a soundproof environment, these ceiling partitions feature perforated metallic frames that are electrostatically powered-coated. Desks, bookcases, cabinets, shelves, and Venetian blinds can be easily added.

Adjustable feet on partitions allow for adjustments on uneven floor surfaces
power sockets

Counter and separate rooms made out of partitions

The partition wall system uses standardized elements ensuring a functional arrangement of the office area with optimum space utilization. The philosophy behind partitions is the ability to separate and equip the work place in a simple linear style, both aesthetically pleasing and fashionably comfortable, allowing for privacy and easy access.